Maui News 2005 - MauiFEST in Hana a special and rewarding experience!

I would like to thank Kenny Martinez Burgmaier and all of the generous sponsors who hosted the MauiFEST film festival in Hana on Nov. 4th.

This is a very special event that we look forward to every year. What could be better than bringing your own blanket or beach chairs, sitting under the tent at Hana Bay, enjoying five locally produced films that you can’t see anywhere else? Not to mention the incredible entertainment preceding the films, including Grammy-award winner Tom Scott, Dennis Kamakahi, and many others.

And the food: Where else can you dine on seared ahi rolled in furikake garnished with capers and roasted red peppers served with garlic toast and caesar salad, followed by pumpkin-pecan ice cream, all for $10 and a smile? Oh, and they also make sure the popcorn is served hot and fresh during the films.

MauiFEST is a grass-roots celebration of local music, arts, culture, and film that shouldn’t be missed. We’re looking forward to next year.

Chris Brayton - Lahaina

MauiFEST events bring the community together!

A big Mahalo to Ken Martinez Burgmaier and Uncle Boy Kanae for another great MauiFEST event!

When Ken & Uncle Boy started MauiFEST Hawai'i in 2003, their first big event was the Hana Film Festival. It was at the Hotel Hana Maui, overlooking Hana Bay and the whole community came out to hear the music, eat the food, talk story and relax under the stars for the movies.

I had such a great time that weekend! Hana is so beautiful and the best part is that is was all FREE!!

Since that time, MauiFEST Hawai'i has been back to Hana each year (4 years in a row now) for a bigger and better film festival. This year the event was right on the water at Hana Bay. Incredible!! Grammy Award Winners Tom Scott and George Kahumoku were there along with many other musicians. There were lots of great films too. Good food, great fun. Thank God for Hana!

Ken & Uncle Boy have also presented their MauiFEST events, FOR FREE, on Moloka'i and in Lahaina, not to mention the on-going DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATER at Maui Community College in Kahului.

I love these events and hope, with the help and support of local sponsors and assistance from the County of Maui, that Ken & Uncle Boy can continue their work. These events are so important to the local community. They provide local people with something new and fun to do, while bringing tourists in to see and feel the true Aloha Spirit. The events also give local business' a big boost by providing a platform where new customers can buy their products and services.

I hope everyone comes out and supports these MauiFEST Hawai'i events. If you own a local business, help them out and become a sponsor! And...for those of you who have been to one of the events and have seen it first hand, help get the word out!!

I'll definitely be at their next event on Moloka'i, December 9th.

Dave Lower - Lahaina


MauiFEST Hawaii - PO BOX 1234 - 808-573-5530

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