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Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier founded MauiFEST Hawaii in 2003 to provide exposure and tourism to economically depressed areas of Maui County.

MauiFEST Hawai'i was specifically created to showcase local entertainment and help with the preservation of Hawaii's lost culture.

Since each event attracts both residents and tourists it provides a venue for the interaction between these groups in the small communities where events are held.

MauiFEST Hawai'i focused on Hana to kick off its first event on September 20th, 2003.

Festival attendance exceeded 600 people with 60% of the attendees visiting from outside of the Hana community. We had vistors from all over the mainland as well as residents from Honolulu and Central/West Maui.

The Hotel Hana-Maui was sold out during the festival and was almost vacant three days after the event. There is no doubt that the festival helped stimulate the Hana economy while providing entertainment and educating the local community with wonderful documentary films and face-to-face interaction with the musicians and entertainers.

Since that time MauiFEST Hawaii has held annual events in Hana, Lahaina and on Molokai'i & Lanai'i.

In addition to these annual events Ken Burgmaier has also established the MauiFEST Drive In Movie Theater.

This Drive In Movie Theater is located in Kahului, Maui and shows award winning films one weekend each month. The MauiFEST Drive In has the largest outdoor movie screen in the State!

In addition to MauiFEST Hawaii, Ken Burgmaier is also the creator and host of Jazz Alley TV, which provides production support for each event.

MauiFEST Hawaii will continue to bring high quality events to our most isolated communities, with Aloha! We always encourage feedback from both residents and tourists alike. Please contact us today and let us know what you think of our sincere efforts to perpetuate and promote our lost Hawaiian Culture. Call Ken Burgmaier at 573-5530 or send a note via email.

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